Personal & Family Travel

Do you have concerns about your loved ones or friends travelling overseas? You’ve heard the stories of teenagers going abroad for the first time and being framed with drug possession, or a family member being involved in a car crash.

What can you do to ensure your loved ones and friends have all the safety information and planning at hand?

Would you like some help in responding to a crisis?  

Welcome to ZR’s SecApp - for a fixed low cost fee you can access the following from your phone anywhere in the world where a GRM & Wireless system exists.

  • Home Page with 24/7 Security & Health Alerts
  • An Emergency Help button which when pressed alerts the Global ZR team
  • TRACKER function which plots your position every 10 minutes
  • Safety, Security & Health tips
  • Safety & Health Video content
  • Emergency Contacts linked to your geographical position anywhere in the world
  • Access to our updated Global Risk Assessments


Watch ZeroRisk SecApp Information Video