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Peace of mind for you, your staff and your organisation

Over the past 20 years, ZeroRisk International has become a global leader in high risk security management for corporate travel, protection & response, backed by specialist training and SecApp technology.

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We consider ourselves experts in improving business security, productivity, and ensuring businesses always have the competitive edge they need. We build on trust to innovate, inspire and lead.

Our primary objective is to create and develop a unique relationship with you to protect your staff and help your business thrive. We offer support and innovative solutions to protect assets and deliver peace of mind.

We listen carefully to what your business needs, helping to optimise business operations, decrease costs and improve resource efficiency.

Clients also choose us because we have an elite security & health protection team drawn from ex Royalty Protection, Special Forces & Specialist overt & covert investigators, and take pride in getting the job done.

We offer a personalised service, and deliver business security and health solutions worldwide via our local ‘in country’ network. and are ready to respond 24/7 to any global crisis.

ZeroRisk International has an enviable footprint and has been tagged as a security company you can totally rely on to deal with any challenge thrown our way.

Throughout our growth we have remained customer focussed and have always maintained loyalty, reliability and trust with our core client group who we’re proud to call family.


Our leaders

Tony Loughran


Tony has over 30 years’ experience working in some of the world’s most dangerous, hostile & remote locations. He served as a UK Commando Medic and was part of a specialist counter terrorism team before being head hunted to join BBC TV & News as its Head of High Risk. This role entailed the development of the BBC’s first ever Hostile Environment Policy, and the implementation of Specialist High Risk Training, which was essential for news operations, particularly during the Balkan War. In 2003 and following an incredibly successful career covering every significant global conflict, Tony emigrated to Australia and established ZeroRisk International.

Tony, a published author, has vast experience in world affairs & works with Global News Networks & National Radio as a subject matter expert & On Air presenter including Keynote Speaking.

Jamie Ross

Head of operations

After spending 32 years with London’s Metropolitan Police, specialising in counter terrorism and royal protection, Jamie joined ZeroRisk in 2002 to help establish the company’s high-risk training and staff deployment programs. In 2014, he was appointed Chief Operations Officer, overseeing security operations for several Olympics and World Cup events. In 2016, Jamie took on an expanded role as Head of Operations, managing ZeroRisk’s response to global terror attacks and addressing the security and medical needs of clients. Jamie is an exceptional leader, communicator, and organizer, and is the go-to person for ensuring that clients have a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience when traveling.

Lisa Birch

Head of training

Lisa, an accomplished Training Manager with over 20 years of experience in the Global Travel and Training sector, leads ZeroRisk’s diverse and highly skilled training team. With a background in tourism management, Lisa excels in managing overseas logistics and travel contracts. Lisa assisted securing a training program with the University of Wollongong to develop a 4-day training module for student leaders. Following a terror attack in Bangladesh in 2016, Lisa developed an International Business Traveller Training Course for Australian retail clients, which has become a benchmark for staff protection in the retail, food, and beverage industries. Lisa works with companies to conduct Training Needs Analysis and match clients’ needs with ZeroRisk’s suite of safety, security, and health training.

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Your staff on the day were courteous, professional and a lot of fun to have around.  The way they gently encouraged the public to greet our VIP was lovely to see.  They played an integral part in the success of our Mardi Gras float this year and we’re grateful to you all.

TV / Media Events Manager

ZeroRisk is a standout company and head and shoulders above the rest as what you see is what you get, honest and integral to the core.

Insurance Broker

What makes ZeroRisk so unique is its staff are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds with very broad skillsets.

Insurance Case Manager

ZeroRisk has an extremely balanced gender and ethnic representation, and all of its team are always 100% client focussed.

Insurance Broker

What ZeroRisk offer is the personal touch and you always get one of their team reaching out to you and not someone on the end of a 1800 number.

Insurance Broker

ZeroRisk has huge credibility in the insurance industry as they can always be trusted and relied upon to get the job done.

Senior Insurance A&H Specialist

20 years in the business, wow what an achievement, many congrats.

Clients via social media

ZeroRisk used all their contacts in US State Department and guided us to safety to get us out of Afghanistan.

Afghan Political Refugee

No other company has the ‘boots on the ground’ and the local intelligence connections like ZeroRisk.

Wesfarmers Retail Groups

I’ve found through my travels with ZR on the ground that they go above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ to ensure my journey in often difficult countries runs smoothly so I can simply focus on my job and not what’s going on around me.

Retail Target & Kmart Quality Assurance Team

Frequently asked questions

How experienced is ZeroRisk International

 ZeroRisk has more than 20yrs experience in assisting companies in planning and preparing for International Business Travel and responding to Security & Medical Emergencies.
We have a policy that no matter the complexity of the task we always follow through to a safe and satisfactory conclusion.

What Industry Sectors do you work with?

To date ZeroRisk has worked in most sectors (Aviation, NGOs, Media, Retail, Government, Universities and Schools, Minerals and Resources) and due to the high demand for Corporate Travel support we are now expanding our client portfolio. 

Where do you select your staff from?

Over the past 20yrs ZeroRisk has been inundated with highly experienced security and medical staff from around the globe expressing a keen interest in working with us. ZR has a strict recruitment process and vet all our staff no matter what their background. We look for experience, loyalty and trust and go that extra mile to ensure that our staff are compatible with our client group.

What has been one of the most complex tasks that you’ve undertaken?

In August 2021 Taliban marched back into Kabul three months earlier than planned. It caught many countries off guard. For approximately two weeks our team were inundated with phone calls from journalists, NGO’s and those high on the Taliban hit list to get them out. Even though most countries had abandoned them our team worked day and night to successfully extract 12 families. From remote areas of Afghanistan to the safety of Doha, and the promise of a new life. ZeroRisk did this free of charge and never missed a beat.


ZeroRisk offer a diverse range of high risk security expertise which differ from other travel risk providers. To learn more about our personalised & boutique service, contact us now.

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