With over 30yrs experience we consider ourselves experts in improving business security, productivity, and ensuring businesses have the competitive edge they need. We build on trust to innovate, inspire and lead. Our primary objective is to create and develop a unique relationship with you to help your business thrive. We offer support and innovative solutions that protect and deliver peace of mind. 

Clients choose us because we have an elite secuity protection force drawn from ex Royalty Protection, Special Forces, & Covert investigators who collectively have a formidable track record in getting the job done. We offer a personalised service and deliver business security and health solutions world wide. We are connected globally and ready to respond 24/7 to any global crisis. 

Our High Risk Consultancy team assists businesses to make informed decisions on how to protect staff and assets.

We listen carefullly to what your business needs, helping to optimise business operations, decrease costs and improve resource efficiency. 


ZeroRisk Consultancy was formed in the UK in 2002 and has a global footprint providing High Risk Safety & Security Risk Solutions & Specialist Training to clients within very diverse industries.

Throughout our growth we have remained boutique and customer focussed and have always maintained loyalty, reliability and trust with our core client group whom we consider family.

We have a number of highly qualified and experienced Safety, Security & Medical Advisers based in the US, S.America, Africa, UK & Europe, Middle East and Asia who are connected to our local adviser network within each country.

Over the past 18yrs we have responded to a series of security and medical emergencies and have deployed at a moments notice to some of the world's most remote and dangerous hot spots. 

ZeroRisk can assist your company in strategic business positioning via our GRM (Global Risk Management) Plan and have access to a global intelligence network that can advise on potential risks such as terrorism, political instability, & civil unrest. In addition to this our 24/7 'on call' medical triage team can deal with any medical situation and provide you with clear and concise medical advice.