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We have an excellent track record in presenting training in such a way that it is retained & remembered by the participant for a very long time. On a number of occasions participants have left the training and informed us that they’ve had a “life changing experience”. 

What makes us so unique? 

We have over 30yrs experience of working in and out of the world’s difficult hot spots, our training team are deployed “in country” on a regular basis and therefore deliver the most up to date knowledge back into our training. There is literally nothing that we haven’t dealt with, and it’s this unique experience and our skill in simulation that makes our training the best in the world.

Case studies (from former course delegates 2015-present):

  • Journalist in India is shot at during a military siege, his friend is killed, he survives due to our training
  • General Manager of a mineral mine company is robbed at knife point but uses defence skills
  • Retail manager in the garment industry delivers first aid to two rods side victims in Bangladesh
  • Journalist avoids a potential kidnap by using his SecApp and alerting our team to his high threat issue
Business Travel Security & First Aid Training