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ZRC offers a medical emergency assistance service that is available free of charge to an Insured Person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is accessible from anywhere in the world by calling +61 2 80466545 (by reverse charge if required) or email 

With a company’s Insurer’s approval, ZRC can provide assistance to an Insured Person with services including; 

1. access to Doctors for emergency assistance and advice; 

2. arranging emergency medical evacuation as a direct result of an Injury or Sickness of an Insured Person, including Accompanying medical escort as deemed necessary; 

3. arranging for an Accompanying person to travel with and/or remain with an Insured Person who has suffered an Injury or Sickness; 

4. the remittance of any payment guarantees and insurance verification to hospitals; 

5. repatriation of an Insured Person to a more suitable medical facility or back to their Country of Residence after suffering an Injury or Sickness; and, 

6. medical monitoring. 

7. In accepting the services of ZRC, the Insured and the Insured Person acknowledge that the Insured Person’s attending physician has the ultimate responsibility for the care and treatment of the Insured Person. ZRC can only provide such assistance as the Insured Person’s attending physician believes to be in the Insured Persons’ interest. 


Case study (2015-present):
INDONESIA –  COVID 19 illness- TELEMED reach out and successful testing in COVID hospital
SIERRA LEONE – Medical Illness, diagnostics and treatment of Valsipral Malaria
AFGHANISTAN – Gunshot & Blast wounds post IS attack - KABUL - ISLAMABAD transfer


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