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We have an enviable amount of experience in this area, and have worked through many problems for companies who don’t have any in house expertise or high level security background. We recognise that you will need to respond to a threat almost immediately and we are here 24/7 to offer you with that support. 

We have an extensive list of highly skilled operators whose job it was in their former military special forces and security intelligence careers to carry out extensive background checks on buildings, assets, and personnel to determine if there could be any potential breach and media exposure within your company  

Case study (Europe - news member of staff groomed by terror network 2018):
In 2018 we were contacted by a senior exec in a major broadcast network claiming that something was not right with one of his members of staff as they were behaving in a very odd fashion. We conducted 6 months surveillance on the member of staff and her associates and deduced that she was being groomed by persons of interest with links to a major terror network.