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We will investigate as to the specific situation on the ground and will advise the Client and Insurance Company as to what has eventuated, and the course of action to take.
We will mobilise our Incident Response Team, and lines of communication will remain open  until successful resolution. We will continue to update and advise the Insurance Company & The Client of information received and any significant developments.

The main reason why you’ll choose us to handle your situation is generally we’re likely to be embedded with you via a signed and agreed GRM retainer, and will have an understanding of your situation. Which means you don’t have to duplicate effort by bringing in another company and blurring the lines of communication and response which is critical to a successful resolution.

Case studies (2010-present):
PNG - journalist completes hard hitting story on government and is detained at the airport. We received the call, briefed the client on the situation, and then arranged for a taxi to pick her up at the airport and drive directly to the Consulate.

AFGHANISTAN - journalist is detained on a story but after a short space of time we realise its a religious & political detention. After a comprehensive plan is put in place to minimise the communication chatter regarding the problem, contact with the detainees is established and the journalist drives away from the situation.

DRC - Kinshasa - person is detained and sent to Makala prison on a “trumped up spying charge”, we take the call from the individual after several attempts by her to her bosses failed. We open up communication channels with all concerned and manage to get her released within 48hrs. Note: The life expectancy of anyone in Makala is poor due to overcrowding, violence, and high disease and infection rate.


Emergency response (kidnap, extortion & detention)