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We operate with a three tier INTEL collation system, which consists of:
(a) data captured from our “in country” regional source with whom we’ve generated yrs of trust
(b) data processed through our “in country analyst” &
(c) data delivered to you the client  

We have some of the best global intelligence operators in the world linked to our field staff on the ground, and have nurtured these contacts over the past 30yrs via our journalism, aid agency, and investigative work which allows us to source high level INTEL in any given country, and more importantly any specific region within that given country.

Being informed, briefed and prepared keeps you safe and ahead of the competitive curve  

Case Study (Post Sri Lankan bomb attack 2019):

How Intelligence has helped protect our clients:-
On the 21st April 2019  three churches and three luxurious hotels in Sri Lanka were attacked by Islamic Extremists linked to local terror networks. We deployed immediately on the ground and were granted access to the hotel attack sites. We were able to then collate information about the attackers Modus Operandi (MO) and travelled to all of our client areas throughout Asia to impart what we’d learnt directly to a chain of hotels used by our clients. These hotels acted upon our intelligence and upgraded their security immediately. 


High End Intelligence