Business Risk And Intelligence

In this time of security uncertainty, your business will need to be in a position to either continue to operate following a terror attack or strategically position itself to protect itself against any security threat. Ignorance is no longer an answer and ZeroRisk can assist you protect your business by conducting high level feasibility studies in the country you either operate in or are considering.

Our Global High Risk Advisers will audit all critical business infrastructure (airports, hospitals, transportation links, freight routes etc.) and will supply you with a report that highlights in detail what exists and what you’ll need to do to safeguard your business. This service is also backed up with high level security intelligence reports gleaned from our extensive network of in-country operatives.

Having identified where some of the major security and health gaps are, the ZR Adviser can project manage the following for you:

  • Local searches with council, government authorities, police & military
  • Upgrades to current business and home dwellings
  • Searches for new premises
  • Selection of local car hire companies
  • Review of hotel accommodation
  • Review of airport security
  • Liaison with relevant consulate & their security detail
  • Search on local intelligence