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ZERORISK SECAPP’s main features are:

- DASHBOARD – with EMERGENCY HELP & CHECK IN functionality.
- INFO BUTTON – click on here and a global list of emergency contacts for Police,
  Embassies, Fire & Medical, Hospitals, Airports, & vetted Hotels
- SECURITY ALERTS – appear as coloured pins dropped on the apps map
- LIBRARY – contains  Security Tips: security & health advice
- TRAINING– Informative Security & Medical Video clips
- NEWS FEED – As News breaks ZR responds by posting up advice via video content
- SECURITY & HEALTH NOTIFICATIONS – pushed to you via our INTEL Team
- TRACKING – via our encrypted dashboard we can watch your back every 10minutes
- GP Travel Med – Clinic booking for routine medical referrals 

Case study (2018-present):
We can report that a number of client app users on the ground have pressed the EMERGENCY HELP button no fewer than 5 times in the past 2yrs. These calls have ranged from a false alarm to the threat of physical violence during a business meeting in Africa. On all occasions we have responded immediately to the call and brought the security incident under control, and worked on the situation until full and final resolution. 

Travel app (SecApp)