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Travel Risk Management

Our Travel Risk Protection service ensures the safety of businesses and employees by providing tailored country-specific information that aligns with our Security Risk Assessments. Our Travel Risk Assessment service offers round-the-clock guidance on controlling travel risks, emergency response plans, and effective communication strategies for dealing with security or medical incidents while in the country. In areas with high security risks, we also provide on the ground security and medical experts to protect you while you travel. 



ZeroRisk takes a comprehensive approach to Business Security & Travel Risk by integrating it into the organisation's culture and operations, rather than treating it as a separate or isolated risk. The assessment includes evaluating your organisation's security risk, travel arrangements, and compliance with duty of care. It analyses the threat landscape, identifies vulnerabilities, and assesses capabilities to respond to potential incidents. The approach examines awareness, governance, management controls, and existing risk management systems. This holistic assessment aims to provide a clear understanding of your organisation's security posture and travel risk management, identifying areas of improvement and supporting the development of effective risk mitigation strategies.

Country Risk Assessments 

By offering comprehensive risk assessments and advising on appropriate control measures, we help clients mitigate potential risks associated with travel. The use of our trusted risk matrix enables us to identify key risks and inform clients about potential future events such as demonstrations, coups, emerging diseases, flight cancellations and much more.

This kind of risk assessment tool not only helps protect the safety of staff during travel but also assists companies in fulfilling their ‘duty of care’ towards their employees. Additionally, it provides a pre-loss insurance validation for travel insurance companies, ensuring that the insurance coverage is based on accurate risk data.

Overall, Zerorisk's Intelligence team provides a valuable service that combines risk assessment, control measures, and insurance validation to enhance the safety and well-being of travelers while also supporting companies' duty of care responsibilities.

Location Profile Assessments 

Post Code INTEL is a unique service focused on in-depth analysis and information about specific locations to ensure the safety and well-being of business clients and employees. We conduct a thorough examination of crime rates, homelessness, drug abuse, gangs, disease outbreaks, carjacking, and express jacking to identify potential risks, particularly in remote areas with limited security or medical infrastructure.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive insights, leaving no stone unturned, so clients can make informed decisions about travel and employee safety. By utilising geo-tagged addresses, we gather data from various sources to generate a risk profile for the specified location, helping clients mitigate potential risks and protect their business interests.

Note: Data availability and accuracy may vary by location and sources, so it's crucial to use reliable and up-to-date information for the most accurate risk assessment.

Travel Safety Technology


Worlds first multi-functional traveller security app developed by ZeroRisk to provide a comprehensive solution for travel security, emergency assistance, support and tracking, making it a valuable tool for businesses, employees and independent travellers to provide complete peace of mind. Features include Security, safety & medical E-Training, access to vetted major hospitals, airports, embassies, police, and fire services, EMERGENCY and CHECK-IN functions to ensure the safety and well-being of their users.  

Travel Docs

Advanced travel security system embedded into your travel itinerary providing LIVE security & health updates promoting travel safety throughout the journey.

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Specialist Traveller Training

ZeroRisk excels in providing International Travel Risk training that leaves a lasting impact on participants, with many describing it as "life-changing." With over 30 years of experience in challenging environments, including difficult hot spots, our training team gains valuable insights and practical knowledge to share with participants.

The team's regular deployment "in country" ensures they stay up-to-date with the latest developments, offering the most relevant and current information in their training sessions. Enriched by a breadth of experience, our programs provide practical expertise and strategies for handling various scenarios, instilling confidence in participants as they learn from real-world examples.

Our training stands out due to our mastery of simulation-based techniques. Immersed in realistic scenarios, participants gain hands-on experience and practice their skills in a safe environment. This highly effective approach prepares them for real-life situations, making our training the best in the world.

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In Country Support

ZeroRisk provides comprehensive support and assistance to company’s employees travelling internationally, focusing on their safety, security, and general well-being. We are with you in country and deliver a wide range of needs, including meeting you on arrival into country, rendering assistance for any Visa on Arrival issues and co-ordinating any airport transfers. We also vet transportation and vehicle routes and provide close protection, resolving basic problems, and arranging medical assistance when required.

By offering 24/7 availability and assistance, we aim to provide peace of mind to our clients, ensuring that they have support and guidance throughout their entire trip. This level of service can be invaluable, especially in unfamiliar or potentially challenging environments. Most of our clients have said “if ZeroRisk aren’t with us on the ground, in our higher risk areas, we’re not travelling”.

Travel Insurance

ZeroRisk works with Insurance Brokers to provide International Travel Insurance Cover for the following areas, and premiums are reflective of any company signing up for our GRM Service.

  • Global Risk Security cover which covers you in the event of any employees encountering any security situation whilst on global business.

  • Telemedicine via ZeroRisk SecApp

  • Medical EMERGENCY response - negotiated by one of our trusted Insurance Brokers and will take into account our involvement with the client both on the ground and back at base

  • Kidnap & Ransom / Detention – specialist insurance cover based on ZR’s Travel / In Country Risk Assessments


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TV / Media Events Manager

ZeroRisk is a standout company and head and shoulders above the rest as what you see is what you get, honest and integral to the core.

Insurance Broker

What makes ZeroRisk so unique is its staff are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds with very broad skillsets.

Insurance Case Manager

ZeroRisk has an extremely balanced gender and ethnic representation, and all of its team are always 100% client focussed.

Insurance Broker

What ZeroRisk offer is the personal touch and you always get one of their team reaching out to you and not someone on the end of a 1800 number.

Insurance Broker

ZeroRisk has huge credibility in the insurance industry as they can always be trusted and relied upon to get the job done.

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Clients via social media

ZeroRisk used all their contacts in US State Department and guided us to safety to get us out of Afghanistan.

Afghan Political Refugee

No other company has the ‘boots on the ground’ and the local intelligence connections like ZeroRisk.

Wesfarmers Retail Groups

I’ve found through my travels with ZR on the ground that they go above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ to ensure my journey in often difficult countries runs smoothly so I can simply focus on my job and not what’s going on around me.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you follow the ISO 31030:2021 Travel risk management guideline?

Yes, we had incorporated the fundamentals of this travel risk management guideline into our high risk security consultancy before its release in 2021 and continue to review and update our processes to provide and maintain the highest level of service. We also assist our clients to adapt & align their travel policies & procedures to encompass ISO 31030:2021.

Do you offer support for women or LGBTIQA+ travelling internationally?

Yes, we have created a Travel Safety Guide video and guideline to support women & LGBTIQA+ travelling alone globally. Our International Business Traveller training course provides specific support and guidance also.

Does my company have to have a Travel Risk Audit?

It is highly recommended that all companies involved in remote location or international travel conduct a Travel Risk Audit and we can be engaged to carry out this task for you. What we focus on in the Audit is your Travel Risk Management Framework and the security and medical safeguards you have in place to mitigate all travel risk

How important are Country Risk Assessments?

It never ceases to amaze us how many companies who habitually travel, often to a Category 1 or 2 environment, and who don’t have any formal risk assessment process in place. Risk Assessments are the backbone of your companies Travel Policy & Risk Management protection and to omit this is at your own peril.

What are Location Risk Profile Assessments aka POSTCODE INTEL?

POSTCODE INTEL offers companies a deeper risk dive into what is going on in the exact location they will be working from or visiting. An example of this is a school or university wanting to go to CHINA, and then buying into an adventure holiday for their pupils in a remote province of CHINA. Our POSTCODE INTEL not only identifies risk in that province but also evaluates the company that is offering the adventure experience.

What do you offer in the way of ‘In Country Support’?

We are very strong with In Country global support and are with our clients on the ground.
We facilitate visits to countries carrying a higher risk and to do this we will:

  • Meet you at the airport and assist in the process of any visa issues on arrival- Vet Hotels, Transport & Drivers

  • Access all transport routes to and from business locations

  • Have access to high level police, military, and medical support

  • Have visited and liaised with Hospital, Airport and Police points of contact

  • Have reviewed and updated all our risk assessments

  • Take care of all you needs include physical well-being and welfare support


ZeroRisk offer a diverse range of high risk security expertise which differ from other travel risk providers. To learn more about our personalised & boutique service, contact us now.

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