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ZeroRisk specialises in developing and delivering training programs essential for upholding a comprehensive Corporate Risk Management strategy, encompassing ‘Duty of Care’. Backed by over 30 years of active operational security and training expertise, we possess a deep understanding of your requirements. Our training courses are exceptionally dynamic and delivered by highly skilled operatives who maintain competency by rotating from operations to training delivery. We advocate full engagement in practical sessions to ensure optimal training immersion. Each training module is customised to align precisely with your specific needs.


Corporate Training

With a wealth of over three decades of expertise in developing and delivering corporate training across a wide spectrum of industries, ZeroRisk holds a distinct advantage in presenting you with a robust collection of risk management training courses including:

  • Occupational Violence

  • International Business Traveller Security

  • International Security Awareness Training-Hostile Environments

  • Managing the Media in a Crisis

  • Senior First Aid Certificate

  • Remote Location Driver/First Aid

  • Chemical, Biological Hazard Awareness

  • Corporate Leadership

  • Critical Decision-Making

Media Training

While ZeroRisk's operational foundation originated in the Media & TV Film industry, our expansion into various business sectors has not diminished our standing or renown as a foremost authority in TV Risk Management Training. Our enduring prominence in this field remains a source of great pride, as we persist in providing unwavering support for Global Media Safety Training, serving expats, indigenous populations, and local 'in country' productions.

  • TV/News & Events Location Safety

  • Studio Operations

  • Outside Broadcast Sports & Events

  • Investigative Journalism


Education Training

ZeroRisk has developed a highly successful and thoroughly engaging Student Leadership Training course which equips Student Leaders with the skills to deal with any security and medical situation on campus. Building on the success of this course we developed our Occupational Violence Training and International Business Traveller course ideal for educational institutions embarking on global & remote travel expeditions.

Our dynamic educational courses include:

  • Student Leadership Training

  • Occupational Violence

  • International Business Traveller (Security)

Aviation Training

ZeroRisk initially developed specialist training for Qantas & Jetstar and now are regarded as a world leader in International AVSEC (Aviation Security) & AVMED (Aviation Medical) Training.

These courses have become essential requisites within specific aviation regulatory frameworks, and ZeroRisk has meticulously designed its training platforms not only to align with these regulations but also to infuse the training with an element of enjoyment, interactivity, and remarkable efficacy.

  • AVSEC (Aviation Security)

  • AVMED (Aviation Medical)

personal development training

ZeroRisk places significant value on community involvement and individual assistance, leading us to conduct Personal Development Courses. These programs cater to individuals striving for self-improvement and maintaining focus in today's dynamic and demanding environment. Furthermore, for those seeking to strengthen their bond with their children, we offer our highly effective Parent & Child Survival Course. This unique initiative removes distractions and guides you 'back to basics', enabling meaningful reconnection with your children.

  • Personal Development

  • Parent & Child Survival


Your staff on the day were courteous, professional and a lot of fun to have around.  The way they gently encouraged the public to greet our VIP was lovely to see.  They played an integral part in the success of our Mardi Gras float this year and we’re grateful to you all.

TV / Media Events Manager

ZeroRisk is a standout company and head and shoulders above the rest as what you see is what you get, honest and integral to the core.

Insurance Broker

What makes ZeroRisk so unique is its staff are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds with very broad skillsets.

Insurance Case Manager

ZeroRisk has an extremely balanced gender and ethnic representation, and all of its team are always 100% client focussed.

Insurance Broker

What ZeroRisk offer is the personal touch and you always get one of their team reaching out to you and not someone on the end of a 1800 number.

Insurance Broker

ZeroRisk has huge credibility in the insurance industry as they can always be trusted and relied upon to get the job done.

Senior Insurance A&H Specialist

20 years in the business, wow what an achievement, many congrats.

Clients via social media

ZeroRisk used all their contacts in US State Department and guided us to safety to get us out of Afghanistan.

Afghan Political Refugee

No other company has the ‘boots on the ground’ and the local intelligence connections like ZeroRisk.

Wesfarmers Retail Groups

I’ve found through my travels with ZR on the ground that they go above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ to ensure my journey in often difficult countries runs smoothly so I can simply focus on my job and not what’s going on around me.

Retail Target & Kmart Quality Assurance Team


Occupational Violence

(1 Day)

Staff in direct contact with customers / contractors

Managing the Media in a Crisis

(1 Day)

Press, Media, Business Resilience, Crisis Managers 

Remote Location Driver / First Aid

(2 Day)

Remote Location workers 

Leadership Development (Survival)

(2 Day)

Supervisors, Managers, Executive 

MEDIA Courses

TV / NEWS / Events Location Safety

(1 Day)

Video Journalists, Camera Crews, Sound Engineers. OB staff

Studio Operations

(1 Day)

Studio Operations Staff, Contractors, Set Design teams

Investigative Journalism

(1 Day)

Journalists, Video Journalists, TV & print investigation teams 


Student Leadership

(3 Day)

Students, Managers


Critical Decision Making

(3 Day)

Supervisors, Managers, Executive

Parent & Child Survival

(3 Day)

Parent & Child/Teen who have disconnected from each other.


ZeroRisk created the first-ever Security Travel App (SecApp) in 2018 and continuously improves it based on customer feedback. The app now includes a comprehensive global list of major hospitals, airports, embassies, police and fire services. Additionally, the app features a Security and Training information page, which is often used for staff induction training.

We assist with setting up your employees on the app, testing it before any travel, and providing training on how and when to use the EMERGENCY and CHECK-IN functions. The app also offers a 24/7 tracking service for management to monitor all business travel for added peace of mind.


Specialist Traveller Training

ZeroRisk has an impressive track record in providing International Travel Risk training that leaves a lasting impact on participants. The fact that participants have described their experience as "life-changing" is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our training programs.

One of the key factors that sets us apart is our extensive experience of over 30 years working in challenging environments worldwide, including difficult hot spots. This hands-on experience in real-world situations gives our training team valuable insights and practical knowledge that they can share with participants. The fact that our team is regularly deployed "in country" ensures that they stay up to date with the latest developments and can provide the most relevant and current information in their training sessions.

Having dealt with a wide range of situations and challenges throughout our years of experience, our training programs are enriched with practical expertise and strategies for handling various scenarios. This breadth of experience instils confidence in participants and enables them to learn from real-world examples.

Additionally, our skill in simulation plays a significant role in making our training the best in the world. Simulation-based training allows participants to immerse themselves in realistic scenarios, providing them with a hands-on learning experience. By recreating challenging situations and allowing participants to practice their skills in a safe environment, we create a highly effective learning experience that prepares them for real-life situations.

In summary, what makes our training unique and impactful is the combination of your extensive experience in difficult hot spots, the regular deployment of our training team "in country," and our skill in simulation-based training. This blend of practical knowledge, up-to-date information, and immersive learning techniques sets our training apart and leads to profound and long-lasting learning experiences for participants.

In Country Support

ZeroRisk provides comprehensive support and assistance to individuals traveling internationally, focusing on their safety, security, and general well-being. Our services cover a wide range of needs, including airport transfers, protection, resolving basic problems, and arranging medical assistance when required.

By offering 24/7 availability and assistance, we aim to provide peace of mind to our clients, ensuring that they have support and guidance throughout their entire trip. This level of service can be invaluable, especially in unfamiliar or potentially challenging environments.

Travel Insurance

When you sign up for a ZeroRisk GRM retainer contract you can rest assured that one of our partnered Insurance Brokers will negotiate a favourable policy premium with you to reflect the risk mitigation we offer you during our retained service.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of Business Traveller Training do you offer?

Our core traveller training is our International Business Traveller Training which can run from 1-2 days depending on your travel risk audit profile. This course is 70% practical and delivered via real time simulated exercises and this allows the traveller to go through some of the scenarios they are likely to face on the ground, with the benefit of learning in a safe environment.

Why is it so important to have completed training?

As I say to all our clients it’s better to make mistakes in a classroom / training environment than to do this in country. We also encourage companies train together in their respective travel groups as this ensures all your safety drills and emergency procedures are practiced together.

What makes your training so unique?

We have been delivering this training for over 30 years and have received some incredible feedback informing us that what we have taught on our courses, has saved people’s lives. Our training is also delivered by our security and medical field operators who bring to the classroom the latest travel risks and more importantly, how to safeguard against these risks.

Do you offer e-learning training and how do I access it?

We offer a comprehensive e-learning suite of training and companies can either log into our platform or we can embed our training into any companies learning platform. Our training is always kept up to date and can be turned around very quickly as we have our own film production unit.


ZeroRisk offer a diverse range of high risk security expertise which differ from other travel risk providers. To learn more about our personalised & boutique service, contact us now.

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