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Zero Risk

Keeping Others Safe in a Dangerous World

by Tony Loughran



Zero Risk - Keeping Others Safe in a Dangerous World

Zero Risk Keeping Others Safe in a Dangerous World

by Tony Loughran

Zero Risk - Keeping Others Safe in a Dangerous World


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About the Book

Tony Loughran’s life has been, and still is, all about risk – taking it, preventing it. It began as he learnt to survive a tough childhood in the mean streets of working-class Liverpool where heavy drinking, violence and crime ruled. To escape, he joined the navy, where he excelled as he never had at school. He became an elite commando medic, a demanding role that required doctor-level training: there was little Tony could not diagnose and deal with. He hurled himself into ferociously challenging training with the men he was serving. He witnessed serious physical injury and a stint in Belfast left permanent psychological scars.  

His life changed when he was contacted by the BBC with a compelling offer: looking after safety and security. In his years with the world-famous broadcaster ‘Mr D and D’ Death and Destruction, as he became known, revolutionised the protective gear and strategies used particularly by foreign correspondents and introduced ground-breaking and life-saving hostile environment training. He also, among much else, provided the security for the notorious Martin Bashir interview with Princess Diana and protected Panorama journalists in Northern Ireland.  

A new life in Australia and the establishment of his own security consultancy company business, ZeroRisk International, brought many more edge-of-the-seat adventures – investigating the deaths of well-known journalist John Schofield and cameraman Nazeh Darwazeh, providing security for the 2004 Athens Olympics, rescuing journalists in peril, helping to hunt down infamous drug lord Tony Mokbel, escaping when he himself came extremely close to capture in Kabul and getting people out of Afghanistan when the Taliban returned. He has also been involved in important environmental initiatives and in work with parents and children.  

This page-turning, hard-to-put down account of an extraordinary career is full of nail-biting excitement, engaging humour and brutal honesty. After you read Zero Risk, the world will never seem quite the same. 


About the Author

Tony Loughran is a global risk specialist, with over 30 years international experience as a safety and security professional.  

Born in Liverpool, Tony served as a medic and then commando medic, in the Royal Marines.

After 14 years, he  joined the high-risks unit of the BBC mapping out the safest way for journalists to cover conflict when they themselves were becoming targets.

He then moved to Australia and now runs his own company, keeping people as safe as can be in dangerous places, including Afghanistan and Ukraine.   



‘Tony Loughran is a lifesaver. He deserves his own fake motorcade’

Julian Morrow, The Chaser’s War on Everything

‘After reading Tony’s book, it is easy to see why he became our go-to man ahead of numerous risky assignments’ 

Melissa Doyle AM

‘Tony’s leadership triggered a minor revolution across the industry… he set the standards that other companies eventually followed’ 

Peter Greste

‘We need Tony’s skills more than ever’

Jo Ruxton (MBE), Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet

‘I owe my life to him… I’ve blessed Tony’s name ever since’

John Simpson BBC World Affairs Editor

‘Tony Loughran pioneered a safety culture in the news business. He adapted the skills he’d acquired in the military to the needs of journalists at the sharp end’

Jeremy Bowen, BBC News International

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Frequently asked questions

What made you build the SecApp?

For many years now our team has been involved in the security and accident investigations in many countries and unfortunately the common cause of both was a lack of Security Information and a fast security / medical response. The SecApp build was a logical progression to supply both and ensure companies and individual travellers had the most up to date information and an Emergency Response they could depend on.

Everyone has a Travel App these days, why is your SecApp so different?

The ZeroRisk SecApp has gone through many versions and updates and is driven and re-developed by the traveller, and not the management of a company. It’s also extensively used by the traveller which cannot be said about other comparable Apps. Our SecApp has all your travel information in the palm of your hand and is the security management ‘go to’.

How does Travel Docs work and why do I need this if I have the SecApp?

Travel Docs was developed to complement the SecApp and in essence what it does is take raw travel data from a company’s flight booking agent and wash it through our SecApp Database where it not only provides the traveller with up to date security and health information every time they open their Travel Doc it also provides the Travel Management or Risk Team with a quick overview of where anyone is at any one point in time, and this proved invaluable during COVID.

How do you keep up to date with Security & Medical Incidents?

We have a 24/7 Security & Health ALERT NEWS feed that appears as a PIN on the Dashboard Map, we also geofence incidents such as riots or disease outbreaks as they erupt in numerous locations. In addition to our 24/7 Alerts we also have a PUSH Notification service which our INTEL team use to send information to the users on any developing incidents.

Do you offer TELEMED as part of the SecApp Service?

Yes, we do and companies can buy into an annual retainer fee to secure our Medical triage & TELEMED service which can be booked direct from the HEALTH Page on the SecApp. However, whenever we are travelling with our clients our team are trained to deal with medical incidents and will either escort the client to a hospital or medical centre or will arrange for a Dr to visit the hotel. But in the event we are not travelling with you our TELEMED service is extremely beneficial and worth having for ‘peace of mind’.