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An elite high risk consultancy company specialising in strategic business security analysis, high end intelligence, international travel security and medical support, backed by unique SecAPP technology.

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Strategic Business Risk Analysis

Managing risk effectively has always been a touchstone of the most successful companies. But in today’s risk-filled business environment, it can be hard for executives to have confidence that their plans and strategies will play out as expected.


High End Intelligence

We provide high level geopolitical and security intelligence briefings & reports focussing on your business needs. Whether it’s a long-term assessment about a country’s potential political instability, or the impact of an emerging health risk i.e COVID-19, we harvest information via our INTEL sources, and provide you with timely and accurate data & advice.


Global Business Resilience

Is your company prepared to respond to a high level security threat? Do you have the in-house experience and expertise to offer effective leadership and incident control if you are faced with that threat right now? Sadly, the general answer to these important questions is often a resounding NO.



Business Travel Security & First Aid Training

Most military organisations would never send their staff on an overseas assignment without prior instruction and training, and so I've got to ask you as an organisation, what do you do?

When it comes to selecting high impact security and first aid training look no further as we have been delivering our specialist International Business Traveller Training for over 30yrs.


Travel app (SecApp)

The ZeroRisk Security App is the culmination of 3yrs development capturing 30yrs of travel experience. It’s designed to complement all of the other services ZeroRisk has to offer.
It is extremely unique in that it has all the security and health information you need in the one App, and is the brainchild of Tony Loughran who has spent more than 35years in International Business hot spots, War Zones, and areas of civil unrest and social deprivation.


International Security & Medical Support

If, during a business trip, and whilst on a Journey, an Insured Person requires assistance in the event of a medical or other emergency, the person has access to our 24/7 services via ZR’s SecApp & ZeroRisk/Concierge (ZRC) Emergency Assist. 


Strategic Support for TV / News / Events

ZeroRisk has extensive experience working in the media, and Director Tony Loughran was employed at the BBC as Head of High Risk for 14yrs. By moving to Australasia Tony introduced his significant expertise in WHS and Security Risk Management. ZR is now seen as one of the most experienced and user friendly safety and security support companies in the world.


Emergency response (kidnap, extortion & detention)

We have extensive experience in ascertaining and advising on whether an Insured Person is kidnapped, detained or the subject of extortion outside of their Country of Residence.
We will generally be notified via the subjects SecApp EMERGENCY HELP button, or via our 24/7 Emergency HELPLINE +61 2 80466545, and occasionally via information received from a trusted intelligence source. When this happens our specialist assistance will be engaged, and the Insured Client will be notified.


International Travel Insurance

coming soon



"I feel so much more confident with Medical & Security knowledge and application. Your defense training was also extremely informative. Your ZR team are gifted in their approach to convey his knowledge and the essential aspects necessary for our workplace maintaining interest and creating interaction amongst the group in a positive manner."

George Dowling, BFA
A380 Qantas Flight Training | Qantas Airways

"Your assistance and advice with regard to how we might shoot and perform a variety of stunts was invaluable in pre-production. ZeroRisk were knowledgeable and careful - while still being solution focussed in helping us achieve our tight schedule. The cast and crew felt well supported. Overall a great experience – look forward to working with you again soon".

Timothy Powell, Producer
Studio 3, ABC Television

"ZR did an outstanding job for us in the Philippines during Typhoon Haiyan, not only taking care of all security and safety issues but going above and beyond his call of duty to make sure logistics for our different moves within the region were set and executed in the right manner. ZR became an integral part of our team to make our whole operation happen.  With thanks again to the folks at ZeroRisk".

Marc Granena, Senior News Producer/Project Manager
Eurovision EVO Pte Ltd

"From Industrial espionage to dealing with aggressive members of the public this course has it all and delivers on all levels. In addition to this ZR's First Aid and Travel Health section is taught in such a way that it leaves the delegate confident that they can deal with any emergency scenario. The course takes the delegate on a journey, and all staged security scenarios have been carefully crafted from ZR's years of experience travelling to some of the worlds hotspots". 

Operations Manager, Head of Operations
WorkWear Group

"Tony and ZeroRisk have worked closely with The Chaser team over many years. This included the notorious APEC stunt in The Chaser’s War on Everything in 2007 and shoots in 15 countries for the 2009 series and shoots involving the Whitehouse, the Vice-President’s home a CIA black site in remote north Poland and many other challenging, unusual and high risk locations. Tony has been instrumental in programme ideas and monitoring script changes which has proved invaluable".

Julian Morrow, Presenter & Executive Producer
The Chaser’s War on Everything

I have known Tony professionally now for over three years, during that time Tony and his team at Zero Risk International have proved to be extremely professional whilst providing an invaluable service to the Television, Film & Entertainment Industry. 

Tony’s vast experience assists in providing comprehensive risk assessments to clients which provides a high level of comfort to Insurers, financiers, Producers and others in the process of assessing risk, his guidance and experience in the industry ensure a smooth production process, I am very impressed with his work and would highly recommend his company and services to all my clients.

Joe Lo Surdo, Managing Director
SURA Film and Entertainment

ZR are World class, due to their experience, Intel, capability & excellent networking, they are doing a great job of keeping us informed to help us manage risk more effectively, particularly for our team members.

We only ever travel to Bangladesh with ZR. Their planning & preparation before & during a trip, such as hotel, transport & route safety & security is excellent. Ensuring our safety & that we can solely therefore focus on our business objectives.

During Covid 19, ZR have provided regular updates that arm us with good intel to help us manage our BCP more effectively. The support they have provided in guiding the BGMA with the right COVID-19 pandemic operation protocol & task force goes beyond risk & towards human rights in supporting Bangladesh garment workers a safe frame work in returning back to work. ZR put their heart & soul in people & safety first.

Erman Djemil, General Manager
WorkWear Group


World’s first LIVE security & travel incident report platform with personal phone / device Tracking Capability and Mass Messaging function to reach out to employees, international travellers and people finding themselves in dangerous locations.

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