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A boutique & niche company providing global Health, Safety, Security Consultancy and Specialist Training to clients operating in high risk environments.

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International Business Travel

ZeroRisk has developed a unique Global Risk Management Support Plan which when implemented within any company provides you with a risk control strategy. This strategy protects the traveller from the moment of booking a flight and throughout the business assignment.


Business Risk And Intelligence

In this time of security uncertainty your business needs to be in a position to either continue to operate following a terror attack or strategically position itself to protect itself against any security threat.


Personal & Family Travel

Do you have concerns about your loved ones or friends travelling overseas? You’ve heard the stories of teenagers going abroad for the first time and being framed with drug possession, or a family member being involved in a car crash. What can you do to ensure your loved ones and friends have all the safety information and planning to hand?



ZeroRisk offers global medical support to expeditions and international businesses with a global footprint. Businesses have recognised the importance of having someone on the phone who can guide anyone through a medical problem via our triage system.


Workplace Health & Safety Risk Management

ZeroRisk has a team of trained Workplace Health & Safety Advisers who can deliver on...



Zerorisk has a formidable track record in Global WHS & Security Training and has training centres established throughout Asia, UK, & America. Our training is extremely practical and is delivered by our expert advisers who impart their knowledge gained through operational exposure and personal experience.


TV & Film Industry Support

ZeroRisk has extensive experience in working in the media and its Director Tony Loughran was employed at the BBC as Head of High Risk for 14yrs.


Security Support



I want to pass on my appreciation of ZeroRisk Security Training yesterday. I feel so much more confident with Medical knowledge and application. Your defense training was also extremely informative.

Ray and your team are gifted in their approach to convey his knowledge and the essential aspects necessary for our workplace maintaining interest and creating interaction amongst the group in a positive manner.

Ray and your team have simplified the means of dealing with on-board confrontation in a way that is much easier to retain and implement. They also presented Medical aspects in a way that has had an indelible effect.

George Dowling, BFA
A380 Qantas Flight Training | Qantas Airways

In May 2018 12 WWG international business travellers embarked on ZR's 2 day International Business Traveller course. From the moment they arrived they were thrown into some very challenging security situations. From Industrial espionage to dealing with aggressive members of the public this course has it all and delivers on all levels. In addition to this ZR's First Aid and Travel Health section is taught in such a way that it leaves the delegate confident that they can deal with any emergency scenario.

The course is structured in such a way that it takes the delegate on a journey, and all staged security scenarios have been carefully crafted from ZR's years of experience travelling to some of the worlds hotspots. To find out more about this inovative training e-mail 

WorkwearGroup, Training Client

I had recently the pleasure to enjoy the cooperation of ZeroRisk and specifically Mr. John Holland during Eurovision’s rapid deployment to Philippines in occasion of the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

John did an outstanding job for us, not only taking care of all security and safety issues but going above and beyond his call of duty to make sure logistics for our different moves within the region were set and executed in the right manner.

John became an integral part of our team to, in one sentence, make our whole operation happen. I can only commend him for his work ethic and the positive attitude and spirit he brought on to our operation. I would without hesitance recommend him to anyone in search for someone possessing his rare skills and who is, on top, an excellent team player (even more rare these days). John is definitely the person you’d want to have by your side in troublesome situations. With thanks again to John and the folks at ZeroRisk.

Marc Granena, Senior News Producer/Project Manager
Eurovision EVO Pte Ltd

Tony and ZeroRisk have worked closely with The Chaser team over many years. This included the notorious APEC stunt in The Chaser’s War on Everything in 2007 and shoots in 15 countries for the 2009 series and shoots involving the Whitehouse, the Vice-President’s home a CIA black site in remote north Poland and many other challenging, unusual and high risk locations.

Tony has been instrumental in programme ideas and monitoring script changes which has proved invaluable.

Julian Morrow, Presenter & Executive Producer
The Chaser’s War on Everything

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for your assistance with the ABC3 Smackdown Games shott in December 2013. Your assistance and advice with regard to how we might shoot and perform a variety of stunts was invaluable in pre-production.

So too the risk assessment that you and John Holland created and sent – it gave myself and all heads of department a clear idea of what would be required to make our ambitious shoot happen.

Finally, ZeroRisk Safety Adviser John Holland who was on site for the shoot, was knowledgeable and careful - while still being solution focussed in helping us achieve our tight schedule. The cast and crew felt well supported. Overall a great experience – look forward to working with you again soon.

Timothy Powell, Producer
Studio 3, ABC Television