Preparing to carry out International Business Travel (Post Covid-19)

Posted on May 10th, 2020 in International Business Travel (Post COVID-19) by Tony Loughran

Preparing your staff to travel (Post Covid) – by Tony Loughran, Director ZeroRisk

A message to all CEO’s, EXECs, & Operations Managers

Hi, During this period of “Lockdown” I’ve been constantly asked questions like “when are we going to travel again”, & “should I be concerned to travel” well my answer is if you’ve asked yourself the second question then you shouldn’t have been travelling pre COVID.

The truth is you have to be prepared, ready and fit to travel at any time to any place.
We’ve been advising major international companies for over 30years and here’s what you should be acting on NOW:

1.     Personal Travel Form:
You can download this form by clicking on your ZeroRisk SecApp Profile Page.
Once you’ve done this, you’ll be sent a link to your company email address, click on the link and then start completing the form.
Just as a reminder this form is CONFIDENTIAL and so no-one can see what is being written or completed apart from the ZR GP, or ZR Director which he has to access in the event of a crisis.

2.     Medical fitness to Travel
During the course of completing this form you’ve identified some key medical issues you’d like to discuss then either contact your GP, or go to your SecApp Profile Page again and click on TELEMED GP Booking, suggest a time for a consult and one of our GP’s will call you back.

3.     Vaccinations
It is imperative that you look at your Vaccination Certificate and if you have not had your travel vaccinations or let them lapse then ensure your vaccination record is up to date on your Personal Travel Form and arrange a time to have your vaccinations with your GP, or ZR TELEMED GP. As soon as you’ve entered your details in the system, we’ll remind you of the need for booster vaccinations to make sure you’re always covered

4.     SecApp
Make sure you download the latest version of the SecApp and that you have your Notifications and Location Services turned ON. Press CHECK In on a regular basis, and particularly in the run up to you departing overseas

5.     Security, Medical & Health Training
During times of COVID it has been impossible to enrol anyone on face to face training, however we have all our International Travel Security Training Modules available via the SecApp and in the coming months we will be running webinars assisting you with any concerns about what to expect when travel does start to resume.

6.     Personal Fitness
Last but NOT least, stay fit and healthy and ensure you take regular multivitamins and maintain a clean diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables to ensure your immune system has a fighting chance if hit with a cold, flu or a COVID Virus
Click on: for more information on our travel support service and GP TELEMED assist.